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Learn about the best treatments for varicose veins and heart health.

Learn how varicose veins and overall heart health can treated with medication and modern methods.

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Learn what are the root causes of varicose veins, prolonged leg pain and swelling.


Learn about the phases and methods of reversal, freedom and tranformation from varicose veins.


Learn the best practices such as execises and medication that will help in immediate results.

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About Dr. Suresh Bhagia

Dr Suresh Bhagia is a well-known reputable cardiovascular surgeon based at Ahmedabad City in Gujarat state in the Indian subcontinent.
Dr Bhagia trained at several premier institutions in Mumbai, Chennai, UK, USA and New Zealand in the field of Cardiothoracic surgery to gain experience and expertise in this demanding super speciality.
Dr. Suresh Bhagia has worked and interacted with the greatest stalwarts in this complex intriguing speciality of cardiovascular surgery.
Dr Suresh Bhagia is the first and only Cardiovascular surgeon to have received the prestigious Gold medal by the hands of past president of India, Prof.Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for topping the national merit list in the field of Cardiothoracic surgery in the year 2003.
Dr Suresh Bhagia has been awarded with many other awards and certificates for his unique outstanding achievements in the medical field. Also due to the philanthropic nature, several poor heart patients have been benefitted by Bhagia heart foundation and other trusts and foundations doing similar karma for the less privileged of the society.
Dr Suresh Bhagia is an international speaker and active participant in different conferences and meetings nationally and internationally.
Due to a result oriented approach and targeting for 100% satisfaction in the patients, Dr Bhagia and his team have a very high success rate.


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